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devon_carrots' Phlochte (Michael Phelps/Ryan Lochte) fic rec list [Friday
August 3rd, @ 4:11pm]

This is in no particular order! Remember that some of these were written before London and during Beijing :)

Also you bbs better read these because I think they’re all flawless and I did this for you!


1.TIE MY HANDS actual perfection.

2.Winning Rights

3.Dead Wrong

4.Fuck You

5.Best Thing Yet


7.Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires


10.Welcome to Loserdom


Anything & Everything (or the other way around oops)

15.Chasing Sharks

Random Acts of Crazy Behavior

I’m sick of counting lol

Rules & Republics Trilogy First Part is here, links in posts.

Five by Five

Taper (You have to join olympic-slash to read)

Curam (Join comm)

Dive-It’s an AU WIP but I’ve been reading it for years and she just started updating again!!!

The Origin of Names (Michael actually calls Ryan doggy irl)


Final Descent


The 3 AM Phone Call Actual Tears. Gotta join the comm.

Sex You Up


Go For Gold

What Men Want

Four by One- This actually isn’t “just” a Phlochte fic, but it’s really really perfect.

try to leave a light on my friend kaley wrote this :)

Four Times

A Toast For The Douchebags

Put your circuits in the sea

At Least the Water’s Beneath Your Chin

Move, But Stand in Place

Collect the World, And Add Some Gold

Sports Make You Health

One Tequila, Two Tequila

Don’t Break Me Down, Brick Me Up, Fence Me In

track is actually my favorite olympic sport.

When you’re on a golden sea, you don’t need no memory


The Way We Roll

There are No Lanes in the Ocean

The World According to Ryan Lochte

Touch The Deck

Mile High Club
Lung Capacity

Bernard Ain’t Got Nothin On You

First Time’s The Charm

Not Quite A Breast Stroke

Sunshine State

Shave Some Time Off

Don’t friend me on LJ, I only use it to comment on communities/private posts for myself.

Add me on Tumblr: devoncarrots.tumblr.com
or twitter.com/devoncarrots


William Beckett 27 Travis McCoy

March 6th, @ 8:36pm]
i just signed up for a product review site, i feel like that means i should unlock my posts!
William Beckett 1 Travis McCoy

December 10th, @ 11:49pm]
I think my brain is about to explode, so I obviously do the best thing ever..BLOG.

This is going to be a quick one I think. So a week ago I had a Skype conversation with my Media Writing professor who is currently in Lebanon. She was the cutest thing ever, and she said that she wants me to look into freelancing! EXCITING!! Okay, so anyway, there were a few things that she said that I really wanted to make sure that I had down.

...Wow!! So apparently I lost my notes that I was taking during our talk because my computer blue screened me earlier this week.


Well, then.. Never mind I guess.
William Beckett 0 Travis McCoy

the one where.. [Friday
November 11th, @ 2:16am]
Okay honestly. I am not in the mood or state or whatever to write a blog for the week. My lymph nods are so swollen I look like I have a triple chin and my whole body is like kssdhgjkwd.

This unexpected sickness has already ruined my plans of work for the week so I don't even know.

Also, my dad's sister died today. She, along with the rest of my extended family live in Nigeria so the possiblity of being able to make a funeral is slim to none.

Meh, sorry guys.
William Beckett 0 Travis McCoy

the one where.. [Thursday
November 3rd, @ 5:08pm]
That awkward moment when you realize that all of your blog posts are done on your phone and/or while on or waiting for a bus.

Go figure.

Hello all, I think this will be a short post, just because my fingers are extremely cold and my nose keeps running.

I wanted to talk about the use of slurs in everyday conversation- particularly the use of "that's so gay."

I'm an ally of the LGBTQ community, and I am also the type of person who calls people out on their behaviors.

There is someone who I am acquaintances with that I follow on Twitter, as well as being friends with on Facebook.

(Btw the man sitting behind me is talking to his friend about the behaviors of gays and how it sickens him)

She has recently (or maybe it's been longer I just never noticed) continued to use "gay" as her word of choice to describe negative things.

It bothers me, and I've mentioned it to her, but more often than not I get "well you're not gay, so why do you care" as a response. Things like that make me so mad. In order for minority communities to get support and equal rights, they usually need those from the majority to stand WITH them. Not for them, or blah blah. As a heterosexual woman, I have a privilege in that regard that a LGBTQ person might not have.

Basically, I'm just really bothered.


Posted via m.livejournal.com.

William Beckett 0 Travis McCoy

The one where Irene is cold and babbles [Thursday
October 27th, @ 8:16am]
Hi friends. I am currently freezing my buns off at a bus stop.. You know what that means! I'm writing this on my phone. ;)

So first off I would like to apologize if this entry makes no sense because I just woke up. Also, if I talk about being sick anytime soon, you'll know that it was because I sat on a cold bench for 25 minutes waiting for the 31 bus.

So, you may ask, what are you going to write about this week Irene?

I wanted to write about this a while ago, but I kept getting ~inspired by other things so the topic was pushed back. This is also something that we talked about in my WGST (into to women and gender studies) class that I related to.

I'm not sure what to call them...hecklers? Woo-ers? People (typically men) who want to make me feel as uncomfortable as possible?

I'm talking about the times when I am walking somewhere, and some random person who I have never seen before, and probably will never see again, gets the urge to say something stupid at me.

This topic is soooo complicated, and rooted in gender and I barely have a grasp on it myself. I just wanted to talk about how uncomfortable it makes me.

What are you supposed to do when someone wolf whistles at you? I think the most awkward experience was when a bus full of school children drove past me on wisconsin and a little boy said "oo wee!"

Another thing that totally mind boggles me is how people will be like "hrkidgjw" when I obviously just rolled out of bed and put no effort into my appearance.

So the question I have is, is this actually about me? Or is it about these men and boys asserting their societal power that they have? How many times do women actually respond to hecklers, to tell them that they are completely disgusted by their lewdness?

I'm sorry if this makes no sense, and this is something that I'll probably continue to discuss and analyze later.

I'm finally on a bus-- woot warmth! But it'll still be a while until I actually get back to campus :/

Bye lovelies!

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My tweets [Monday
October 24th, @ 1:05pm]
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My tweets [Sunday
October 23rd, @ 12:40pm]
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My tweets [Saturday
October 22nd, @ 12:58pm]
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My tweets [Friday
October 21st, @ 1:02pm]
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My tweets [Thursday
October 20th, @ 1:09pm]
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My tweets [Wednesday
October 19th, @ 12:48pm]
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My tweets [Tuesday
October 18th, @ 1:45pm]
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Reality Check [Tuesday
October 11th, @ 4:57pm]
I guess I forget sometimes that right now my number one priority is school.


I need to stop stressing out over other things. My education is important.
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How Soon is Too Soon? [Thursday
October 6th, @ 11:40pm]
Hi friends!

I just unknowingly continued in the trend that I started last week... Writing my blog post on my phone. I am trying to figure out if I am taking a bus over to Mayfair Mall or if I am getting picked up. I guess it's easier to stow away my phone than my laptop!

Anyway.. I decided to write this blog post about Steve Jobs.

He was the CEO/co-founder of Apple, and did lots of stuff with Pixar, and he was a philanthropist. He died yesterday after battling pancreatic cancer for many years.

Sooooooooooo. You may ask, "okay Irene, why are you writing about this?"

Well, dear reader, my answer is coming.

My boyfriend (aww so cute awww) works for Apple. He was privileged enough to get some training over at Apple headquarters ..about a year back. He had a brief encounter with Jobs like in a cafeteria or something ( I think he like watched in awe as Jobs grabbed a parfait or a fruit cup) and I think that's totally awesome.

He basically idolizes Jobs- which, in my opinion, is pretty okay. There are far worse people that someone could want to base their life work on.

Okay, so now you may be like "blah blah stop flailing about your boyfriend irene, no one cares."

I guess I'll run over to my point haha.

So, me being the most wonderful, amazing and humble girlfriend ever.. I was trying to figure out how I could help. My dude was pretty devastated over Jobs' death, so I did the obvious thing-- changed my facebook status. I changed it to a pretty nifty quote from Jobs that I thought was adequate enough for the situation (if you have spare time, just look up some quotes from this man. AMAZING)

You know that awkward moment (ahaha) when you meet someone enough times that they friend you on facebook? And you're not actually friends so it's kind of weird?

No? Oh.

Well, this guy.. That I have some mutual friends with from high school commented on my status with a crudely edited version of my quote, talking about how expensive Apple products were and how they were a waste of money.

So I did the obvious thing, deleted the comment.

...He said the same thing again, which I promptly deleted. So he changed his status to what he kept repeating on mine.

Someone who I didn't know said "dude, too soon." And he said "it's never too soon."


Okay, so I totally understand how people can end up weighing certain people's deaths above others...and that's not cool. But I just don't understand how someone can be so mindless and just idiotic about a death.

This is kind of funny just because my build up for this entry has been so long, and I am so irritated I can't even say much about it.


People are just weird. Ugh.

Also, in case anyone was wondering, I think I missed my bus. :(((
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Мои твиты [Thursday
October 6th, @ 10:42am]
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My tweets [Wednesday
October 5th, @ 2:16am]
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Мои твиты [Monday
October 3rd, @ 9:44pm]
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Мои твиты [Sunday
October 2nd, @ 2:20pm]
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Мои твиты [Saturday
October 1st, @ 8:03pm]
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